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What are peoples favourite intra workout?

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I used just water for a few years and then i went to bcaa with creatine which worked well and now im trying eaa with creatine.

iv only been using the eaa for around a week but doesn't seem as good as the bcaa’s were! im pretty sure eaa’s are more beneficial wether thats intra workout i dont know but iv been feeling a little sick workout out with the eaa, also the eaa dont smell to great, s**t that was well expensive compared to my bcaa!! From the same company “myprotein” literally the same price as there protein powder...

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An hour prior to training I will eat 100g of chicken breast with a handful of spinach,

15-20 mins before training 5000mg of Arginine, 300mg of Beta Alanine, 2000mg of Siberian Ginseng and 1000mg of Vit C taken in capsule form, I never use pre-workouts because they can make you sick, I've tried everything over the years and the method I use now works well...

Start training and 15-20 mins in I will start my intra workout drink, 45g of Cylic Dextrin carbs, 5g Creatine, 10g Glutamine and 15g of EEA's as I've had no carbs 3 hrs prior to training I fine these nutrients gets absorb much better..

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1 hour ago, faipdeooiad said:

You could easily bin off the glutamine, it’s useless for training purposes.

never heard of someone being sick from a pre-workout

Yeh i dont really bother with glutamine, makes me feel s**t.

this was specifically intra workout, im good pre workout, always have loads of caffeine which i really need to stop as im permanently skatty as f**k, grenade 50cal is the boss but shits lethal 

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