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shoulder tendinopathy

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hi all

I have shoulder tendinopathy in my right shoulder.

I was hoping to reach out to others that have had the same thing. i'd like to know the following:

how long does recovery take

any rehab tips

can I still work out with weights? ie work around it

the tendonitis flared up 16th December 2019. I haven't been able to train. I usually train powerlifting style with breaks during the year. I haven't trained with weights at all this year. I still go to the gym and do some mobility work that a physio gave me and I found on youtube, but recovery is slow. although I am not in pain. if I put the shoulder under tension, I feel it. so my gym routine is pretty much shoulder mobility, abs and cardio!

any info will be appreciated


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Have been in a similar spot as you bud. 

Had a partial rotator cuff tear along with inflamed GH  joint and debris inside 5he shoulder which had to be cleaned out.

Fast fwd 9 months had another mri  and it said that all RC tendons  are inflamed. 

I haven't lifted weights in over a year now. No pain in the shoulder but feel a bit of instability despite doing all the band work, rehab exercises.  I took BPC and TB500  which did a lot for healing though

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