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Needing mass workout

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As above guys, been using ppl for about 6 months, wanting to change it up a bit.. good mass routine idears would be great, I cant really do squats :(

Diets on point just now and thinking of running 75mg winny for 8 weeks..

Any advice welcome.



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If you wanna change it up then try this for a few months. Get in, smash it, get out. Absolute focus when in the gym. But volume and frequency down.

SOME DAY (Yep all of the below)

Leg press

Hams (standing / lying / seated / whatever)

Chins / Deadlift / Seated cable / T-Bar (yep all of those one after the other)

Dips / Hammer Strength chest machine (or just some type of press that focuses on mid / upper pecs)

Seated should press machine and / or standing military press.


Standing calf raise

Biceps curp

Triceps push down

Ab crunches



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