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I am going to do my first show in mid/april 2020

Two shows one week apart from each other to be more precise. Which puts me at 11/12 weeks respectively (Local IFBB and NPC - I do not live in the UK)

I just started dieting 2 days ago. (Starting weight 235 lbs) and dropped around 10 lbs almost overnight so 225 lbs now and I d say in relatively good condition too

I am 5'9 tall - 25 y.o been lifting for 6.5 yrs on gear for around 4 of those. My arms are a bit over 19.5 inches got no clue about the rest of the measurements never did them. I d estimate I'm around 10%bf atm. Goal stage weight would be 200-205 but I have no problem with dropping lower than that as I am striving for good condition

I am coming off a long bulking season so I plan to take advantage of the high metabolism and low hunger. The first 3 weeks I will be dieting very agressively just to up food intake later as I get leaner

Current macos at around 300P 200C 30F

Current stack is 1000mg test enth 400mg tren enth 50mcg T3. Might lower test/up tren and add Clen later. I do NOT plan on switching to short esters as I get closer to the show

Training 4-6x weekly no particular plan/split I just make sure I hit every bodypart at least once weekly but hit most more than once

Cardio at 6x weekly 30-40 min moderate intensity. I am doing stationary bike atm cause my cardiovascular endurance is quite bad (skipped cardio entirely while bulking) but will start doing stairmaster as my endurance increases.

Will update with workout/diet logs almost. Just been hella busy working since it's the weekend and I often work consecutive shifts on weekends (I work as a bouncer on the side)


Thu 30 Jan:

Training: Legs

1-Banded Hack Squats 6x5

2- Leg press 45 deg TUT style 6x6-10

3- Seated leg curls 4x10-15

Cardio: 40 min stationary bike

Fri 31 Jan:

Training: Delts/Arms

1-Machine side laterals 4x10-15

2-Front raises with kettlebell 4x10-15 superset with machine shrugs 4x10-15

3-Reverse pec deck 4x10-15

4-Dumbell side lateral raises 3x8-12

5-Close grip decline HS press 3x6-12

6-Preacher curls 4x8-12 superset with triceps pushdowns 4x10-15

7-Hammer curls 3x8-12

Cardio: Stationary bike 40 min


M1: 2 cups rice, 8oz chicken breast

M2: 2 cups rice, 8oz chicken breast

M3: 1 lb chicken breast, lettuce, raw cabbage, raw onions

M4:Skyr 400g with 1 scoop Animal Whey

I had a few cans of diet soda/ sugar free energy drinks through the day to keep me going but don't feel like including those on the log. Diet was exactly the same on first day minus the scoop of protein with Skyr

Pics are from yesterday after cardio:




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