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Anything im missing for maximum weight deadlift?

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5 hours ago, Dannylets said:

Are u seriously that thick? Who the hell said iv been training for strength all that time!! 

Why do you respond so aggressively, Denny?? Many of your posts where people challenge you/have a bit of a laugh, you respond with such aggression. Either a sign you’re 14 years old or completely unable to handle the gear you’re injecting into yourself.

This is where you could go away and reflect on your actions.  



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On 24/01/2020 at 10:22 PM, Dannylets said:

Well this has got to be the most bizare comment iv ever heard, are you even on this planet you thick c**t.

i know plenty of ways of accomplishing things but i have ever right to just ask what other peoples thoughts are, im always interested to hear different ways of doing things, im got about 10 years training under my belt, a fully qualified PT with vast amounts of experience not to mention over 50 client success stories. 

the gear was a new addition to me, you really havent a clue, please when i ask a question dont look into it too much and just try to give people helpful constructive feedback on the question at hand. 

you are probably some construction worker who goes to the gym once a week after drinking 20 pints at the weekend, i live   And work this industry you thick s**t.

i weigh around 80kg you dumb f**k, you couldent deadlift 100kg if u was 80kg and would take you 20 years to ever reach that high


This is exactly me. I'm a construction worker I do go to gym 4 days a week but can deadlift 3 x times my own bodyweight bench nearly double Squat nearly 3 x times my bodyweight and weigh a lot more than you. Im not a pt but I do know how to programme properly ish. 

How is the advice of stripping back and doing more volume and keeping a good level of strength when off of aas bad or offensive. It's simple science your body can't sustain max attempts every week and keep getting stronger you will fry your cns. 

If you know exactly what to do why do you ask for help then get offended when someone criticises your routine 

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