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Pec Flys

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Just back from a local gym/spa where most people go for a swim/sauna rather than using the gym, although there are a few serious gym users there.

Anyway, one guy came in and went straight to the fly deck for some sets then moved onto the pulley machine for more sets of chest fly. What can I say? he was using far too much weight, the rollers were set too low and his ROM was tiny. The best part was his front foot was pretty much always off the ground, impressive as he was almost horizontal. The good thing was he did get a huge feeling of fulfilment from it though.

Any other crackers from anyone?

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Yeah - two lads (late 20s) got on the shoulder press before me... Each did twenty reps unweighted. Ok, greasing the groove me thinks; then they went on to do 'sets' of a freaking 100 including a round of applause from each other on their completion... Then added 5kg/side and fked about for another quarter of an hour!

Get this - they were chatting with the PT (male in leggings with shorts and socks over) as one of them had applied to be a PT - but hadn't heard back in the six months since!

I eventually got on the press when the pair of them started doing synchronised cable flies:lol:

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