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What happens with Man flu

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About 1 month into my training I seem to have been struck with a serious case of what in the UK we would call 'Man Flu'.

This started around 3 weeks ago as a mild cold and ll that goes with it but then this has gradually got progressively worse over about 3 weeks and turned into a chesty cough with a runny nose and a hot / cold temperature.  With this I have lately had a loss of apetite and a slight but noticeable loss in weight.

When going to the toilet there appears to be pretty much nothing coming out from either my backside or willie.  I also dont feel the need to go to the loo either.

I would appreciate thoughts on what 'weight' is typically lost.  Is it muscle, water,  fat etc?

My local Pharmacist suggested I didn't run or do any exercise and should just rest.  To someone uneducated like me this seems like good advice as after a  run around 4 days ago it made the symptoms (especially the cold / hot temperature) considerably worse





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If you are getting better don’t worry about it. If you haven’t trained and are eating in deficit you’ll have lost a bit of fat and muscle but not much in 3 weeks

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