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Anyone ever noticed any noticeable differences using a casein instead of a whey?

On paper seems better than a normal whey, and they used to push it more years back but not so much anymore.

Is it just a minute difference if any?

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Micellar casein will thicken your shake more than whey protein, tastes creamy, digests slower, and has a complete amino acid profile.

you can use micellar casein in your pre sleep shake as it can take up to 7 hours to digest giving you a sustained hit whilst sleeping. regular proteins are generally completely depleted within 4 hours or so but is not often an issue  during the time you are awake. I used it as a pre sleep hit as it basically got me an extra  meal in.

i always used flavoured proteins and cut them by 50% with unflavoured proteins as i found them very sweet: i did the same with micellar casein .

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