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Guys on nebido for trt

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Hi guys 


for those who are on trt and have nebido  shots 


do u run a ai with your nebido at all ?


how many weeks apart do u have shoot 


I have mine every 8 weeks at the end of week 8 my t levels come back around 21 

im thinking maybe move to 9 weeks 

so stop estrogen peaking to much 


I ve had a blood test around week 3 or 4 before and t levels came back around 54 then start lowering but I never tested estrogen levels at this point always t end and they are in range 

but thinking when my shot peaks estrogen could be out of range 


I know I should get bloods done at week 4 and end of 8 before jab 

just have them before shot to make sure 



tbryoid is fine etc and other stuff 


how do u guys feel on nebido and what dosage ?



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