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High free T Low SHGB ...?

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Soooo long story short did A very short cycle After couple months on 1 ml sus every week. 
250 sus + 250 primo E5D 

wasnt feeling to well Also cause of some private Issues so decided to stop and do normal TRT ( 125 Test E ) but first blood work 


THIS is 9 days after my last shot of sus and Primobolan 


Soooo for what I see is test around 1073 Wich is quite ok 

estrogen 30 ( prefer 22-24 for myself ) 

very Low SHGB 

very high free test 

Low TSH and Upper limit T4 




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Well my libdo is s**t ( normally on 1 ml sust or test I wanna bone anything All day long

LOTS of body hair 

more emotional but in the parranoid , suspicious worrying way not wanna eat choclat and watch chick movies on Netflix 

also when do I Shoot test again blood test was 48h ago so tomorrow will be day 10-11 without any injections 

I made An appointment with the endo today but thats 27/11 so... 

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10 hours ago, Beast°1 said:

Nobody ?

what exactly are you asking?

you have elevated total test due to AAS use, everything else is fine from a bloods standpoint.

stop pissing about with AAS if you dont know what you are doing or dont want to face the consequences of any symptom you may get from AAS use.

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You've made a appointment with the endo.  So what are you hoping they are going to do. Do you tell them you jabbing 250mg/ week  or "trt" dose  ( is this prescribed or self medicating ) ? 

 We're you suffering low testosterone levels before you started jabbing  ? 

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