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Wanted to say thank you guys!

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Alright guys it’s been a Long long Journey ... I was 28 when I was Diagnosed by NHS as hypergonadism did the mri i’m opportunity gland that I was normal long story short they agreed to treat me after a year of bloods... levels were 





I went private as I thought nhs wouldn’t help been on sus for about  3 months But had bad heart Palpitations so tryed switching to testosterone enathnste and they stoped complenty 


so I’m on test e  .25 twice a week and hcg 500ui 3x a week but I don’t take hcg as I can’t find bac water ( I know

soem say it’s easy to get but can ever find it and how would I know its real? ) so that sucks 


but over all weight is coming off I feel a lot better I’m stronger lighter and feel just better overall been on trt for about 7-8 months now 

wanted to say thanks to eveyone for the help

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On 21/10/2019 at 6:54 AM, Lloyd H said:

It's a well known site, many people on here have used it before. Read the reviews.

Have you got a got link to reviews?

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