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Having to take large deep breaths of air

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Over the last few years I have put on belly fat, one of the symptoms is I have had to take in large inhales of air.  But over the last two weeks this has come back.  So sat typing this I need a big breath every few minutes.  It's been three weeks since last test e pin, and I started PCT at the end of last week.  Could any of this be down to the gear and PCT?  I don't feel unwell, but right now this is more annoying than anything else.

My blood pressure seems to have risen as well from 124/82 to 145/93 and then back to 135/83

Unless I've had a drop in test levels and I'm just tired and yawning more?  

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59 minutes ago, D4V33 said:

Edema from holding too much water retention maybe?

We're off to Amsterdam tomorrow with some friends, felt worse tonight, so I just came clean to SWMBO and felt better straight away.  Not sure what was going on but, didn't want to hide from what I had being up to any longer.  Need to mention PCT next.

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