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HST 5 RH 9 Push (38min)

2x nukes. 200mg caff & 5g creatine on return.470F6BFE-7871-4CC4-8C3F-8335794E8567.thumb.png.7f0f6c0f7090c47bfad3458542eeeedb.pngLeg extensions, toes pointing out -  focus on teardrop 50kg supersetted with sissy squats, then single leg 1x30 at 25kg. Burnout set sissy's x30reps. No Leg press as people on it...

Fixed bar raise and pull-in round (22.5kg)71D24D41-E2ED-4149-91BD-4F6A88AA558D.jpeg.336dc1ca0f51ee904bc3f9099d9debc1.jpeg16db  two-handed palms up raise one round.358484FA-C6A2-4720-83D2-61E20E14A6A0.jpeg.bda90c4a7ac64d2036a5f64b99f8a2e2.jpegPlate bus drivers (let go with btm hand - very hard!) plate front raise and plate overhead raise. 10/15/15kg961A0ED6-0C72-4659-B4D3-384CDC03E001.thumb.jpeg.903f144fca05f65ea9607ef11eef11a6.jpeg

Set 8 reps full lat raises with partials after, followed by 30s iso hold at 45 degrees. 12dbs 2 sets. 2x30 reps of 8db waiters.658E2E7A-55B9-4891-9F1D-F792EE0E18D2.thumb.jpeg.85569da9d1ac3fe6157bc4257f311c78.jpegTricep rope pushdowns 11kg - rounds with pro/sup and X body holds. Burn set o/h cable presses at 21kg 30reps.77629787-4B00-424B-93D3-5815845326BD.thumb.jpeg.00b8774e85f5735b95eddfa3f7254410.jpeg Car to and from gym - home for cuddles and an extra 45min in bed.D97ECAF9-AECB-43FC-9FB9-759CAFB1D1FA.jpeg.b0071ae768dc79c694dc4a0b41d57730.jpeg943D612B-3B07-4F7B-8FD8-C0928D77761A.jpeg.1ec5f8c6ce82c4fe702c35b0e31afaa8.jpeg


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