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Pumps lasting for ages

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Has anyone else had pumps/muscle soreness last for a good few days to a point where it is painful to even get up and move around and do day to day activities? 

I have this pain particularly in my quads, lower back and biceps. The only way to describe it, is like when you don't work out after a long time and you get all kinds of doms in your muscles. Except that I have been working out consistently for a year. I don't have any abnormal amounts of pain in my joints (my joints seem to recover well and I try to use strictest form as possible) Just my muscles. 

I should note that I am taking drol, test and some tren. (Tren hasn't kicked in yet) and I am also doing full body workouts so maybe that's why I feel this way because my body is taxed out by doing heavy squats 3 times a week. (Currently lifting 120kg on the squats and 130kg on the deadlifts.)

I should add, I didn't have this pain before starting drol. Even though I am lifting slightly heavier now, I have always been able to squat and deadlift around 145kg with no horrible pumps. I mean even when I do pull ups and curls now, my biceps still have this lasting pump for 2-3 days. 

It almost makes me wonder is this why so many bodybuilders take painkillers. Although that's a route I don't want to take but I can't be walking like a granny everywhere I go. I do like the fact that I know I am pushing it hard in the gym, but the constant muscle aches are just annoying. 

Any thoughts?


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Oh and I should add that my diet and rest is on point. In fact I am resting a lot more than usual as I am off from uni and work so have a lot of time on my hands. But still the pumps and heaviness I feel in the muscle don't seem to go away. It just feels like someone is wearing me down. It's not the worst thing in the world but it does impede my workouts a bit as well as my day to day life. 

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