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Dead lift critique please

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I've been playing around with back angle, by dropping my hips. I have an injury that limits my left ankle dorsiflexion. So the video shows as low as I can go bare foot. I tried wearing my heels and could get lower but it felt harder due to it basically being a defecit dead lift.

Anyway how's this 180kg lift look?  



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Your hips rise before you pull. To minimise that pull the bar tight to your shins and pinch your shoulder blades back. 

All in all a nice lift mate. 

Have you tried rolling the barbell out before you lift? That stops my hips from shooting up. 

Have you tried to work on the ankle? Bands are a good go to. Even warming your ankles up doing seated called raises helps. 

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3 hours ago, lancs_lad said:

My ankle injury is a shattered talus from falling down a cliff 6 years ago. It's the best it's been since, sometimes I floss it before lifting and that does help a bit.

Thanks for taking time to reply.

s**t the bed mate, you’ve done well. 

You’re welcome. Take it easy mate 

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