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Best advice for gaining/maintaining chest shoulder size

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Had a serious shoulder injury few years back.

im left with no bicep long head in my right arm, unstable shoulder reduced power output.

i have been told I have arthritis in the shoulder too. The pain I get isn’t inside the joint as such. Just the tendon that runs down the anterior deltoid. That burns like a mother fucker some nights.

now my best choice is to obviously stop training, at least anything straining the shoulder. This isn’t happening as training has helped keep me clean from reccy drugs.

im using 5/3/1 to gain strength and size. But am thinking to only use it for squat and deadlift and just not bother to much about gaining serious strength with my chest/shoulders. It’s alwaya gonna be my weak point and I’m not so fussed about not being that strong with those lifts.

but I wanna gain size still or at least maintine.  I know gaining size requires gaining strength but I’m wanting to do this in the least strainious way for my poor shoulder.

are there exercises I can do that cause less shoulder strain ? It doesn’t have to be bench press. So long as my chest and shoulders remain a respectable size to the rest of my body.

i have thought about using a Swiss bar for flat bench using the neutral grip.

i want to save and see a private osteopath  too but for now want my best option from you good folk.

planning on starting another cycle of 5/3/1 tueaday

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On 27/04/2019 at 4:14 PM, Jaling said:

Just the tendon that runs down the anterior deltoid. That burns like a mother fucker some nights.

First of all, be aware that I'm no health related professional or physical educator.

Anyway, I'll tell you my experience with triciptal tendonitis, but if you get the logic of it, perhaps you can try it out.

I had a triciptal tendinopathy that no doctor could find a way to heal it, till the point the last doctor (I've visited 3 different ones) said I would have to live with it for good, after about 100 physical therapy sessions, ice, spot injections with steroidal anti-inflammatories, etc.

Well, I'm not the kind of person that accepts such type of response untill every single bloody thing has been tried. So I started looking into PubMed website for some possible treatment. So, I found the original publication of the Alfredson protocol for a achilles tendoniti (https://sci-hub.se/10.2165/00007256-200029020-00005). Then, I also read the 2 yrs after follow up and the results were still there. 

So I tried it for triciptal tendinopathy. Ii started it as proposed in the article, but the triceps groups takes a little longer to recover from lifting than the calves. So I adapted it for only one session a day with very slow eccentric movements. As the movements were slow, the weight wasn't that heavy, so, after week 4, I started to help the concentric movements with the injured arm (before that, I used my left arm to pull the cable down).

I could feel week by week improvements, till the 8th week, when I decided to add some chemicals.

So, I started a low dose nandrolone decanoate as it seems to stimulate type 3 procollagen (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2233278) and also work on tendon repair (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15150040), besides nandrolone is a progestin, though, it has an anti-inflammatory effect).

I also did low dose T as it eems to improve collagen sinthesys and it was important to keep the libido as nandrolone is highly HPTA suppressive.

Well, after the total of 12 weeks, I was back to my back to my regular triceps exercises, taking the duly care, of course.

Nowadays, the only thing I can't do is a complete arm extension, as I feel something that bugs me inside the olecranon.

Read the entire Alfredson article and try to adapt to your reality. Start with your arm weight and make slow progressions on weights.

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