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Running or on a bike?

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So back at the gym now and have 2days a week it is shut before I go to work so want to build my fitness and stamina in general, fat loss is a bonus but is still like to know that too as my goals my change in future.


So at the moment I get 30mins spare before work that I currently started to go out on the bike.

But which is better for me?

Bike is overall body right?

But I'm on flat ground so am I really using all my body like ok would up a steep incline.

Would I benefit more running?


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Running.  With cycling you're just sat on your arse, on a cheat machine, pretending to exercise.

You'd also have to do about three times the time to get the same aerobic benefit that you'd get from running.

I am biased.

I'm also a fan of low heart rate training; it's great for building endurance and perfect if fat loss is one of your aims.  It also keeps stress hormones at bay and reduces the risk of injury.

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Ultimately what is best is the one that you do, don't read to much into it. On the days you can ride your bike, ride your bike. Walk on the other days - simple.

Your diet should dictate fat loss.

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Both. I'm a fan of super sprint and sprint triathlons in combination with weight training (power, strength, muscle building). The super sprint is a very short distance and wouldn't destroy gains in the gym due to it being completed well under the estimated window for your body to begin breaking itself down. The sprint is a little bit longer and because of the 1hour+ expected finish time may verge into catabolism. I always have a rule of thumb with cardio - nothing too extreme, and all cardio finished within an hour. Half hour is better, if intense, because you're well free of any detriment to LBM, especially if your bulking and want your body to remain in an anabolic state as much as possible.

I hit the treadmill and kick out a 5k and then hit out a 20k ride. Both are immensely beneficial for building fitness, aerobic and anaerobic capability - depending on how hard you are going at it. I tend to finish the 5k in 20 minute and then blast the 20k ride in 30 minute. Contrary to what many people will say about cycling/riding I find that the riding boosts my endurance through the roof, maybe even more than the running because I find running can become monotonous and my body gets used to the exertion. I've started blasting 5ks at 16-17kph flat-out now but still, nothing compares to putting in the same effort on the cycle and attempting to maintain a 35-40kph rhythm. I might be sat down but in no way is the effort easier, if anything it's harder because you have to match or overtake your effort on the run to keep your heart rate in the same zone, to keep the pace, intensity, performance etc.

Nothing beats the indoor pro cycles. Try and avoid the cheap replicas, they are pretty poor, and are not made for athletes, more for your casual gym goer. The Wattbikes for example are designed to imitate cycling on the road and they can intimate cycling way better. You might not be an athlete but it's pretty much like buying a cheap pair of running shoes and risking them falling to bits or, buying a decent brand and knowing you're getting quality and comfort. Switch up the magnetic resistance to imitate steep hills, downhills, sprints, pace maintainence, different zones etc.

Running just do the same. Mess around with the elevation, speed, presets etc. Hill climbs are by far the most superior workout you can do running, probably why so many athletes from so many disciplines incorporate some form of hill climbs. You can also shoot for increased performance by doing sprint intervals - this will increase your VO2 max in the long run but also allow you to push your anaerobic capability further - a must if you really want to push further towards the holy grail of upper fitness.

Something like this maybe..

Running: 1x week - 5k @ Low pace (e.g 8-10kph - no rush but also not walking)

Running: 1x week - Hill Climb @ Varied pace (e.g 1/3/6/8/11/13/15% incline with speeds you are comfortable with at each incline grade)

Running: 1x week - Sprint Intervals @ Varied pace (e.g 17kph for 100m, 18kph for 100m, 20kph for 100m, 22kph for 100m, 24kph for 100m, 26kph for 100m etc)

Cycling: 1x week - 5k @ Moderate pace (e.g 25-30kph)

Cycling: 1x week - Power Intervals @ Varied pace (e.g 400m maintaining 400-500W, 400m maintaining 700W, 400m maintaining 900W etc)

It all depends on your goals. Both are good though. I would say do both as both combined with boost your cardio through the roof without a doubt.

Swimming is a good one if you want a full body workout like you mentioned in your post. Swimming is also way better on your joints due to lack of impact and stress on all the important joints.


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