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Blood test results

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Had my testosterone levels checked exactly 5 weeks after my last jab, I’d been on TM test e for 15 weeks @ 400mg per week.

Was expecting my testosterone to be close to 0 nmol/L by now (and was due to start my pct this weekend), but it has come back as 17.2 nmol/L. I haven’t used any hcg or SERM’s during this 5 week period.

I was planning on starting my PCT this weekend (providing that my levels were low enough) but don’t know what to do now. 

Is it possible that my natural levels could have returned that quickly? I am 28 and had been off gear for 3 years prior to this cycle. 

I used a finger pr**k test from medichecks, could it be that the test results are wrong? I’m not sure how accurate finger pr**k tests are. 


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