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Any recommendations for feds for a first show? (22Y and natural)

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27 minutes ago, jlai928 said:

22 years old. First show. Wouuld need at least 9-10 weeks from date of this post. Starting a cut. Uni students.

You're location and how far you're willing to travel would help mate.

Plenty of info on the 'UK Bodybuilding Show Dates 2019' group on FB mate

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4 hours ago, Endomorph84 said:

Im not asking, you div.

OP is and he needs at least 9-10 weeks :thumb.

You sure you read it fella lol.

Well I was talking to OP in first place any how:lol: april is still minimum 9-10weeks

If you come back with another comment that makes me look like I'm stupid i'm gonna throw myself over the banister and straight down the stairs

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