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TRT advice.

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11 hours ago, Krk said:

You miss my point. I can’t motivate myself to lift at the moment. 

I think I’ve made my situation pretty clear. 

Working out is great for your mood generally I agree. Used to love it. Not easy to do when you’re on your ass, lost a load of strength and everything is a bit shite. 

I need to do something positive over Xmas. 

i miss your point? you seem to be ignoring everything i say...

AAS is not going to magically motivate you

this thread you started was for TRT advise , you dont need TRT and low testosterone is not causing any problems you have  (with a test level over 30 nmol you are probably in the top 5% of what a natural male can produce.

you are just trying to convince yourself an AAS cycle is going to help you for some reason -in which case you just need to post in the AAS section because what you want to do has nothing to do with TRT.

i can tell you what will probably happen  @12 stone with no training base whatsoever and no nutrition , you will blow up like a balloon with water and probably knacker one or more of your joints up -sure you will look bigger , right up until you stop the cycle when you will lose most of the water and feel like s**t (at which point you will be posting the the PCT section because your natural levels are now half what they once were .

what i am trying to do is give you straight forward advice without the bullshit  , other than that make a thread in the AAS section and im sure someone will advise you on a cycle.

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