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Crazy chest pain

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Started in my left pec. Really sore when moved in a certain way, but not when training which is weird. For example if I am sat next to mrs and went to put my arm around her it felt like my left pec was about to snap. Really painful.

That has stopped happening now and it is now my right pec which is really sore again not when training. It is extremeley painful now and then in the upper chest and towards the middle where both pecs meet. I feel it when training other bodyparts for example back when warming up, but not on chest. I feel it mostly when I am just sat down or doing every day tasks. It is difficult pain to explain sort of like its on the bone where the pec is attatched a deep. Can also feel it if I press hard on pec again like its on the bone. 

Anyone know what this can be. Can train shoulders and chest without pain although strength is down alittle 

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