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Treadmill - What Speed?

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I have started doing cardio now (running)

But fairly new to it and my fitness could be better.

I can run for 20 mins at speed 10 and cover around 3.2k 

When aiming for fat loss, whats the best way to do this?

Run faster for a shorter time?

Run longer and slower?

What is a good average speed to run at for 20 mins, is 10 to low?

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It doesn’t really matter. I do 3 40 minute hiit cardio blocks a week and my cardiovascular fitness is excellent. I’ve been doing it for years, however.

Diet will dictate fat loss. 

Edit - I can do 5 k in just over 20 mins easily and I’m 45. You just need to get fitter. I find hiit classes more fun than treadmills which I find monotonous 

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Best thing for cardio is to mix it up, don't be concerned about it being fasted etc.

If I have 40 mins + then I do low intensity, walking on a slight incline. Keeping my BPM in the fat loss zone (optimal).

If I have 20 mins or so then I do moderate walking on the stair stepper. The sweat will be rolling be I'm not drenched.

Anything less than 15 mins then I do HIIT sprints. I start off with a quick walk at around 4mph, every minute I up at 1mph. When I get to 12mph I do as many sprints as time will allow, 30 secs on 30 secs off with a couple of minutes cool down.


Saying all that,

Sometimes I like to mix it up and play the catch the fishie game on the rower, can be fun.

Sometimes Ill run 10k as quick as I can (I aim for sub 50 mins), can do it in 42.

Spin is fantastic if your gym does classes.


Like Sasnak suggests mate, you can do allllllllllll the cardio you want, but it is just a tool. Diet is key.


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On 25/10/2018 at 4:19 PM, Sams said:

When aiming for fat loss, what's the best way to do this?

The most important factor is a calorie deficit. 

Unless you love running, I would use something that has a lot less impact on your joints, when running, each time you bring your foot down, you have the equivalent of 3 x your body weight on your joints, this is amplified even more on a treadmill because of the unnatural way the belt is coming towards you. 

At the very least put the treadmill on a slight incline, even better run naturally outside. 

Cardio equipment with a lot less impact are the elliptical machines or bike. 

I personally just walk on an incline, and get my HR up to 130, then stay there for half hour. 

As far as which sort of cardio is better for fat loss, I find LISS to be the one that gives the most, whilst impacting me the least. 

Obviously find what works for you, some don't even need cardio for weight loss, others need loads (me unfortunately). 




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