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Swole Troll's guide to dealing with acid reflux

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8 minutes ago, Vinny said:

It might just be my mistake, Was listening to a podcast and Luke Sandeo mentioned He was using probiotics, Kefir and Psy husk with digestive enzymes. I could just be misunderstanding he's point, he's answers can be vague


Slightly different question, do you have a certain routine you do am? 

For Example I'm thinking of waking up, taking the ACV, take my pump PWO, go gym, and then have breakfast followed by the Kefir.


person dependent mate 

largely I can digest bricks and mortar it was just when i was north of about 280lb and the sheer number of calories required to go from there to 317lb made my digestion appalling and I utilized digestive aids as needed which ended up being Kefir 250ml AM and PM with an added serving during flare ups of acid reflux and a lindens digestive enzymes with 2-3 meals daily 

I switched ACV out for kefir when ACV was no longer controlling reflux, never ran the two concurrently 

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