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Anna’s log the sequel lol

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54 minutes ago, Eddias said:

Great to see your still lifting and posting, you should do a then and now picture set  as you have come so far with your development 

Good luck in 2020 onwards and upwards to smashing more goals

Thank you Eddias , good to hear from you again

i don’t plan on stopping lifting any time soon ha

yes , I should actually, been a while

my best wishes for the New Year ! x

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On 12/31/2019 at 12:17 PM, anna1 said:

Last workout of the year today,

lat pulldowns wide grip , reverse grip 3x12 each

seated cable row 3x12 and 1x 8 a little heavier 

rack pulls 4x 10

yates rows 4x12

cable pullovers 3x12

ohp on smith machine 4x8

Incline bench dumbbell press 3x15

lateral raises 4x15

bent over raises 3x15

tricep pressdowns 2x15

pushdowns 3x15

single arm reverse grip 2xfailure

curls supersetted with kickbacks 3x15

overall a good year , have reached 73kg ( very heavy for me lol ) 

feel stronger and bigger 

my best wishes to all of you for an amazing 2020

may it bring you and your loved ones health , luck , love and prosperity xxx


Daddy is HUNGRY

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15 minutes ago, Bobgow said:

You need to bend over further so we can comment on your thigh gap progress ?

No progress, I promise 

it’s getting smaller actually   :D x

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2 hours ago, Heavyassweights said:


where are you Anna?

You know you have to come back with a decent pic to make up for your lack if updates.


How’s my little perv ? 
not much to report honey, just working every day trying to grow for the moment. Main focus on legs x


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