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Basa (fish) recipe

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How do.

I used to have a recipes thread on here years ago and it was quite popular. 

Anyway, I love Basa. It's really meaty and substantially dense. Buttery too. What's more, it's really cheap. Although it's gotten more pricey past couple of years as it becomes more popular.

I fried up a finely chopped leek in a bit of butter then diced up 200g of Basa fillets and added them to the frying pan.

While frying them up, I boiled up some baby new potatoes, drained off the water, then crushed them up in the pan. Not totally mashed. 

Added the fried leek and Basa to the crushed potatoes and added salt and pepper.

Job done. Tasted awesome.

Will add more Basa recipes in the future. 

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I can now confirm that Basa really goes well in Thai green curry.

Used one of those blue dragon kits. They're excellent. Added the basa, some nice al dente green beans, steamed broccoli and tinned new potatoes. I don't see why you couldn't use a jar of Thai curry, though. 

I go to Wing Yip in Manchester for quite a few bits and pieces and they do big tubs of curry paste. If you like your curry hot, get panang curry paste. Bloody lethal. 

I do thai style lamb shanks with panang curry paste. Seal 2 shanks in a pan, put them in a casserole dish then fry off enough panang paste to go with 4 cans of coconut milk. Pour it all in the casserole dish so the meat is covered. 

Cook it for about 3/4 hours on 150c. Lamb comes out super soft. Falls off the bone. I usually throw in some broccoli and green beans for the last 10 mins. Then at the end, chop some fresh coriander and sprinkle it on. Totally optional, as is stirring in some dessicated coconut to thicken out the sauce.

For some reason, diced lamb doesn't go well in Thai curry. I haven't tried pork. That may be next. Thinly sliced pork fillet.

Chicken is good. Very thinly sliced and added at the end. Doesn't need much cooking.

Big prawns really suit green thai curry. 

On the whole, thai curry isn't too bad for us, regarding nutrition. Can use light coconut milk or a tin of water per tin of milk. It's a bit of an all in one meal too if you add diced baby potatoes. Traditional sticky rice is good but a pain in the assole to make. I just make basmati rice with turmeric powder in.  Rice goes yellow.

But yeah, thai green curry with Basa is a win! 

Anyone else recommend a combination?



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Yes sir, normal basa. That's one of the things I like about basa, really neutral.

I tried making fishcakes out of them last week. 

Sorry it's not developing into a useful thread yet, plenty going on in my personal life.

The cold mornings have reminded me that I have osteoarthritis in both knees!

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