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The art of posing

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You work hard for years in order to build your muscles, and it all comes down to how well and most cleverly you can show off those muscles in the few minutes that are allotted to you on that most competitive muscle posing stage. Yes I know, it’s a muscle posing and a character projecting arena like no other..., for bodybuilding’s domain lies in the gym and not here, for here and now, your gym’s volume of work will speak volumes for you ... through your muscles and the way you choose to display them.

You’ll need to capitalise on all the efforts you’ve applied yourself to in the gym, when only you and the weights were the closest of friends.

The moment is now; the eruption is now, the climax stage is the stage itself, for here is where you unleash the beast for all eyes to see!

Don’t ever sell yourself short, for but only a mere few minutes is all you’ve got to convey your message, a message loudly spoken, yet without a word uttered ... except through your smooth and piercingly flowing moves.  

So when you’re up on that stage ... remember: no one can destroy you and no one can save you except you, for then, you are the Judas and you are the Jesus.

You won't ever see Mohamed pointing to his hamstrings (as some Quadzillas have done and still do), yet he's happy to show you his fully developed triceps and sweeping lats. That's clever posing.

I'm sure apart from having a great physique, Lee gained a lot of points based on the time and effort he's put into his well designed posing routine. Wouldn't you agree?

Bob is tall, a giant in height really when compared with Lee, and Makkawy especially. He's come up with certain poses that would positively accentuate the way his body has been built. He's most certainly not a Bertil Fox, so killing it with most muscular poses would only serve to kill off his posing routine instead of making it (and him) shine.

Well it's Ed Corney - music's not needed..., thank you!

Now I've included Shawn here on purpose and I believe it's a very important one (if you've watched the above videos already). Now compare Shawn's routine with that of Labrada, and see if you can make out the most prevalent difference between the two.

Here's my take on it: if you are a bodybuilder who does not wish to go through (remembering)100 different poses, as you see lLee “flying" through his above, then Shawn's minimalist routine with its few (yet very effectively delivered) poses, may be just the style of routine for you. The man delivered it with utmost precision (in my opinion).

I realise this could be a subjective topic, however I believe that within the group of pros we see in the above videos, these  were some of the best.

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