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Fadi's 30kg of humility

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Just thought I would post up my recent experience of a routine suggest by our great friend @Fadi.

It's a routine that Fadi has aptly named 'The Swift Beast'

The routine consists of a loaded 30kg bar, and then the following:

50 reps back squat

25 reps supinated barbell row

15 press ups

10 overhead press

Do this circuit 4 times, so a total of 400 reps across all exercises.

Some people may be reading thinking - '400 reps. hmm sounds a lot but it's only 30 kg. Can't be that hard...' For those thinking that. Think again.

For reference, these are my 1RM 

Back squat 120kg ( just getting back into the back squat after years of front squat. Built up to 107.5kg for sets of 3 on front squat)

Strict OHP 52.5kg

Deadlift 150kg

Dumbbell Bench 44kg

I'm 168lbs and 5ft 8 (40 years old) Circa 15% bf ( maybe a bit higher as people always underestimate) Consider myself reasonably fit and in shape.

I tackled this workout for the first time on Saturday after a heavy back squat session and some seated good mornings.

I went into it thinking it would be hard work but I would do "OK'

Anyway, what unfolded was quite different.

I got to to 25 reps on the first set of back squats and was maxing out. I racked the bar and went for the rows  - achieved maybe 6 reps

Press ups I got all reps ( probably through years of Muay Thai training)

OHP  I got maybe 3 or 4 reps and failed.

I was breathing hard and wondered what the hell I had got myself into.

Continued onto the 2nd and 3rd set. I honestly didn't track exactly what my reps were, but I think they were halving each time.

So maybe 12 reps or so on the back squat and 3 reps on the row.

All reps on the press ups and one or two reps on the OHP.

By the end of the 4th set I could hear the grim reaper in the distance and was feeling pretty faint with all color draining from my face.

Today is Tuesday and I have still have DOMS in my quads and hams.

My ego is battered and now wondering where my strength went and that I'm not that fit after all. Quite an eye opener.

I will be looking to do the "Swift Beast' at least twice a week, with a view to increasing general fitness, make my main workouts feel 'easier' and increase my work capacity. ( also additional heart, and blood pressure benefits of this type of training)

I readily admit i'm not anywhere near one of the strongest guys around, but certainly don't consider myself 'weak'. 

Well, this workout brought me down to earth and I would like to thank Fadi for bringing it to my attention and sharing his knowledge.

I'll try and update this post as and when to hopefully show some improvement and get nearer a total of 400 reps.

If you fancy taking this on, I'd be really interested to know how you found it.

If you're still reading - kudos and many thanks.





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9 hours ago, Lancashiregent said:

Fadi's 30kg of humility

Thank you for that mate. I would just like to place the King above all else here, because I know we'll get better results this way, both physically and psychologically speaking.

The king? That's King GPO (gradual progressive overload). Above all else, be that high intensity/high frequency/high volume, or whatever anyone is really into at a given time, GPO would reign supreme above all else.

@Lancashiregent, I know already that you have a positive attitude/mindset, and from a physical point of view, you're not a Mr. Normal Joe walking down the street. However, I always like to get a positive response as a first step to any program/routine I share with others. Hence at times I might say to a particular person (who's been sedentary for a while), to simply open their front door and go out for a walk for no longer than 7.5 minutes, before they head back home. Their 1st achievement here would be a 15 minutes walk, done and dusted, and easily achievable. This is the spark that is most needed to get the flames growing into a raging fire later on, feeding their drive and sustaining their future motivation.

I like to approach this "Fadi's 30kg of humility" in the same way, and here's how we're going to do it.

1. Half the number of repetitions to begin with, i.e. you perform 50 reps all up instead of 100.

2. If you can manage 50, then take it to 100 reps total.

3. If you can manage 100 reps total, please leave it at 1 set (of 100) and no more.

3. You may do this 1 set x100 3x/week

4. Achieving this, you may now increase the sets to 2, going for a total of 200 reps per workout 3x/week.

5. On the 3rd week, you may increase the sets to a total of 3 sets x100, for a total of 300 reps done 3x/week.

6. Having now slowly but surely adapted to the above task, you may now open the throttle and go all out to 4 sets of 100 for a total of 400 reps done 3x/week.

7. At this stage, you may do one of two things, either increase the frequency this routine is done per week, or increase the weight on the bar slightly, or both.

** Based on the above approach, you now have at your disposal a very formidable tool that would help you increase the efficiency of your cardio-respiratory system and muscular endurance, as well as facilitating the loss of some excess weight if your caloric intake is in a slight deficit, or help you achieve a new look through body recompositioning, should you decide to leave your caloric intake at maintenance level.

Ladies can use a 20kg empty Olympic lifting bar to start this routine, and apply GPO from that point onwards.

The above is not some perfect routine as such a routine only exists on planet Jupiter, so here on planet Earth, we do the best we can with what we have, and after a period of about 4 months or so, we change things around a bit so we don't get bored, mad, or both :)


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I had a go at this last night. let's just say......i felt somewhat tired by the end of it :mellow:

and.....I've never been so glad of having a radiator to grab hold of on the way up from the toilet  seat......gawwwwd bless @Fadi.

I like to have a go at thing I see and the harder the better so this one is in on a once a week basis, just for fun....






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Hello all, 


Long time reader, first time poster. I thought I would give you a novices view on this.... 


Wow. It hurt. 

My general 1rm aren't impressive (sq 100kg, deadlift 150kg, bench terrible...) and I am 6 feet 2 tall at 16 and a half stone. Not impressive stats, but run a bit and do various cardio (insanity etc) so not the absolute worst in terms of fitness. 

I thought I would modify this slightly and do it as per the above with the back squats reduced to 25 reps per set and all else at the stated reps. It destroyed me..... I managed to finish all the reps, but my time per set of exercises fell of a cliff as I went on. From a five minute round at the beginning (with a couple of short water breaks), this skyrocketed to 11 minutes for my third round. By which point I am fairly confident I had lose the ability to think.... It was pure stubbornness that stopped me from racking the bar and going home.  Round four was messy and probably resembled childbirth for anyone watching. 


Fadi and the OP, thank you for a great workout. That was a lot worse than I thought it was going to be :-) 

Let's hope I don't need to walk tomorrow. 

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Well I just tried this and I consider my self reasonably fit. AFter years of running inc an ultra and cycling then started weights about 17 months ago. So still a beginner strength wise I was expecting it to be relatively easy. My plates at home are 7.5 and 5k so I only had 25kg on to start. But when I picked the bar up I thought hey this ain't exactly light for me.  A bit sore from weights yesterday but wanted to crack on anyway. Got to 30 squats and was puffing and 50 felt a long way a way but I ground them out.  The rows then gave me a breather and press ups I was ok with but then struggled with the over head press but got my number. Chest was on fire at this point. I new then that no way in a millions years was I going to get another 50 squats so stopped at that point to evaluate my fitness lol.

Very enjoyable though and I could feel the benefits so I intend to build up until I complete the lot. If it was easy it would be  a waste of time 

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Just thought I would update this. 

I worked up up to to just short of all sets and reps, taking maybe 20 secs rest between each round ( I recommend taking longer !)

It probably took about 10 weeks to get there, training this routine 3 times a week. 

i fell about 10 reps short on the last set of squats. Probably would have made it had I taken longer betweeen rounds, but I started to love the pain and intensity strangely enough.

I then moved back to  more higher weight, lower reps training.

It was a great experience and certainly increased my work capacity and overall fitness.

if you’re looking for something different in your training, give Fadi’s 30kg of humility a go.


Oh, and in case you needed any reminding...DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THIS.



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