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Arm and shoulder pain for over 1 year

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Before I go on a rant i'll explain my symptoms:

-diagnosed with partial tear on rotator cuff 1 year ago

-Sharp pain in arm (between tip of shoulder and elbow, directly in the middle).

-Forearm pain and inner elbow 

-Pain greatly increased with bar bench press, not as bad with dumbells

-Some relief when i lay on my back with my arms straight.

-Burning sensation in shoulder and upper arm and a little on my right side of the neck.


Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice or suggestions regarding an injury that i have been battling for over 1 year now. The pain in my shoulder / arm started at the beginning of October of 2016, at this time I was trying to improve my bench press and was pushing myself to the limits. I went to see my doctor who found that after an ultrasound I had torn my right rotator cuff (high grade partial tear) and recommended physio. I was advised not to work out my chest or shoulders. After 6 months of physio the pain in my shoulder was somewhat reduced but not fully and was advised that i could return to the gym, i also had noticed pain in other areas such as my inner elbow and forearm. ( I should mention that it is most irritated when i bench press but not as much with dumbbells)

Around May of 2016 my shoulder/arm started to really bother me again to the point where i couldn't do any upper body exercises. I returned to the doctor who advised me to go back to physio and if that doesn't work he can recommend a surgeon, at this time i was explaining the pain in the middle of my arm and forearm / inner elbow and suggested and xray to determine if i have a trapped nerve. at this point i'm starting to think i also have something else wrong. I made another appointment to see my doctor last week (Oct 2017) as I never heard back from him, he now claims he never got the xray results and now i have to go again. I'm starting to get really frustrated as I feel he isn't taking my injury seriously and i'm currency looking for another doctor, FYI i live in Canada now so the health care isn't that great here. 

Currency my right shoulder is really painful in the morning as im unable to move it until i slowly stretch it out, I feel a burning sensation throughout my whole upper arm and recently the right side of my neck,  Physio seems to make matters worse and its next to impossible to work any upper body out which for me has taken all the fun out of working out, my arm /shoulder is at its worse and i even struggle driving and everyday activities.  Im starting to feel depressed over this whole situation, i feel like there is no end in sight to get my shoulder/arm back to the way it was.

Any help, advice or past experience will be greatly appreciated.

has anyone experienced anything like this before? 


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