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Mental DOMS ... training your nervous system.

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Most everyone on here has heard of the term "over-reaching", where we put our bodies through a period of discomfort, training wise. In other words, we push just hard enough to create a state where our bodies, (if they wish to survive), would have to adapt to the now new/higher level of stimulus. Well that's great, how about the part of us that truly matters when it comes to feeling tired/fatigued? Which part is that?

The psychological/mental part of us.

You can sit in the office all day and do near zero of what constitutes physical work (let alone squats deadlifts bench pressing etc). So I ask you, why do you get home and say to your other half, hey darling, I feel soooooo tired today, I don't think I'll go to the gym tonight. Huh! What did you just say big man? Tired? Fatigued? Why, what exactly was it at your (not so physically demanding) job that got you so tired huh?

Arousal is arousal, be it of the physical type or the psychological type, it needs to be managed and controlled or it will end up controlling you instead. So if you don't know how to calm down, that is calm your mind down and bring it back to a state of silence, as opposed to a state of arousal and anxiety, then it's about time you got cracking. How do I go about it?

You need to realise that mental fatigue is not genuine physical fatigue. And if some of you are thinking, hey Fadi, tell us something we don't know mate! I tell you this: the next time you say to yourself that you're feeling tired/fatigued, I'd like for you to call that feeling a blatant lie, and nothing more than an excuse to skip the workout, (perhaps it was a squat/deadlift day hay!). In any case, if you want proof that what I'm saying is true, then go and look in the mirror, because the last time you felt like crap, and you thought ah, I'll go to the gym but I won't do much..., you friggin killed it...,tell me I'm wrong! 

1. I have just shown you (or you've proved it to yourself really), that one way of training your CNS to adapt to a psychological stressor..., is by calling your "fatigued" feeling a lie, by heading straight to the gym. That was one way to cut through mental DOMS.

2. The next time you've got a heavy day in the gym, be aware of it, and tell yourself that today will be a CNS adaptation day. What does that even mean in plain English? It means you train heavy, minus the psychological arousal. It means training whilst being cool under the heavy loads. Sound counterintuitive to you? It's not if you wish to reach the top in your game, and by "top", I'm not necessarily referring to becoming a World Champion no, only that you master your own self, by being in full control precisely where and  when you want it. That's what you call learning to lift without burning yourself..., learning to lift without creating mental DOMS (Delayed Onset Mind Soreness)! 

What was the point of the above post?

It was to drive home the message, that just as our muscles sometimes get sore after a killer workout, our brain's equivalent is mental staleness/leave me alone don't feel like lifting tonight type of psychological DOMS. However just like muscle soreness, to ease it up, we need to get our ass back in the gym and lift yet again to help with the recovery process. And of course, we also need (not so much time off), as a week of deload, where not only our physical being refreshes, but also our psychological being becomes recharged/rejuvenated and ready for yet another battle with the iron.

All power to you UK-M.



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