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6 Weeks Upper only routine post surgery

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Evening all,

In three weeks I will be having surgery, and have been informed that I cannot run or do any weightlifting involving my legs for a few weeks. This will even prevent me using leg drive in my bench press and performing the standing miltary press. I am one of those people who loves leg day, my calves are bigger than my arms and quads  only a few " narrower than my waist, so this is rather frustrating for me.

I am currently following a custom Greyskull Powerbuilding routine; built around the Bench, OHP, Squat and DL. I know I can just do a push/pull split for a few weeks, but thought I would ask if anybody else has been in a similar situation, and what did they do during this time? I will be bulking and would still like to try to put on _some_ muscle each week.

In all of the reading I have done so far, I just see responses to people along the lines of "I had surgery and still manage to squat 10 times a week with no problem bro, stop being a pussy." - Please keep that crap to the yank forums - I'm not risking leg training at least 4 weeks after my surgery. Period.


Thanks in Advance guys,



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