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Predator Nutrition Poor Delivery Support

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Hi everybody,

Am not sure if am posting in the right place and i apologize if so.

I ordered from Predator Nutrition before 10 days and still waiting. They send me a tracking number in the email that until now if i use it through royal mail comes back with no results .

In the email i was sent from the company is stated in the status as shipped but no other information.

I try to contact them but they answer only the first time saying in some cases it might be a little bit longer. I accepted that because is international shipping and am living in cyprus.

But another 2 times that i tried to contact the predator support i had not answer from them.

Am still waiting for their answer.

Support contacted me and apologized for the delay and that there was a problem with the courier. They said they will ship again my order and continue to investigate what went wrong with the courier.

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I completely stopped using Predator Nutrition a few years ago after a number of similar bad experiences.  There are many more reliable companies out there with far better customer service. 

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We've only just come across this thread here. Can you send an email to support@predatornutrition.com with the subject line FAO:Operations Director?

We take pride in our customer service so it's disappointing to here about this instance. If you do need to get in touch with us by phone as well, note we can take a call at +441924428420.

Once we hear from you we will get this issue resolved.

P.S. We don't monitor any channel outside of our own website and social media channels such as Twitter so if you need to get in touch with us we encourage that.


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