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Help with weight loss and sarcoma

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Hi all, need all the advice and help I can get, quick background, some 10years ago I signed up with a successful bodybuilder to help me loose weight, gain mass and live healtier, I was 39 at the time, my trainer was excellent and set out a programme of weight training exercise and diet, the fat fell off and the muscle mass built, having tried other diets before that never worked I was introduced to weighing, selecting and documenting my food which I did and followed religiously and never once fell hungry or underfed, unfortunately my coach through unforeseen circumstances had to quit and leave , leaving me to carry on which I did but the motivation, encouragement and support went, now 10 years on I need your help, I just had major surgery to remove part of my quads on my left thigh through Sarcoma (cancer of the soft tissue), operation was four weeks ago and partially successful but more to follow, I am finding now with my weight and now lack of muscle and nerve, my knee is suffering, carrying too much weight and not having full range of movement, can anybody please suggest a good food regime for me to follow to loose weight and a light exercise programme perhaps for upper body bearing in mind I cannot work on legs for now. Need to loose 2 stone.

Thank  you for taking the time to read this


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Is your body still recovering from the surgery? I'd be reluctant to start cutting calories if you are.

If you want to lose weight you know what to do really. You need to eat fewer calories than you use, and tracking what you eat in something like Myfitnesspal can be very helpful in achieving this.

Have you looked into what effects your diet may have on your cancer? I'd be researching that in your position.

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