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Gyno lump post PH PCT

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CW7    0

Ran SD and Tren (the PH) for 6 weeks, PCT with an OCT for 4 weeks and 2 weeks of nolva and clomid. I know I should haven't bothered with the PCT and ran the proper stuff for 4 weeks, but here I am.


I now have a pea size lump under my nipple and it's fairly painful to touch, think I got it 2 weeks after my PCT, and I've had it for a few weeks now.


I have googled and searched the forum but I'm starting to panic a bit with talk of surgery, I've read about letro too. 


Im getting confused and looking for help to point me in the right direction, thanks

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21 hours ago, CW7 said:

So even tho my PCT finished around a month ago, start taking nolvadex again now? 


If thats so, I'll grab some tomorrow,


thanks for the advice

yes run it for awhile longer as you might have rebound gyno from not doing it properly the first time, just run a low dose for a few weeks and stop

something like 10mg should be okay, and increase if needed

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