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costochondritis tietze syndrome

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So for a few weeks I have been having some annoyin discomfort that is on my  left upper chest. The discomfort feels like its one inch long from chest to the start of my delts. The weird pain is so annoying that it gives me anxiety as it comes and goes. 

Last Monday I went to the orthopaedic and immediately he tells me I have tietze syndrome which is common for people that work out. So he prescribed me ibuprofen 600mgs a day and started physical therapy 2 times a week. He also told me no upper body training for at least 3 weeks

For the past 2 weeks I have only been doing legs (quads one day) two days later hamstrings, cardio and abs. Nothing that has to do with barbells no squats etc... 

Today on my quad work (silly me )decided to do barbell front squats at the end of my work out.. big mistake..

As i got home.. i started to have sharp ass pain on the same side that is being treated.. 

Has anyone ever experienced such diagnosis and what type of training have you done to ease the pain or medications...

I like to do upperbody again, but am a little afraid...

This discomfort feels so weird.. almost like a knot.. 

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Has no one ever had this?

The pain seems to be getting a lil worse as it comes and goes!!

I had my physical therapy today and it's still not improved.. 

The doctor requested MRI, but it will take 4 weeks for my appointment.

I feel very sad and depressed because I have no idea what it can be! It is very alarming...


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