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PCA British Finals for me in June

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Sup homies.....been a bit of a stranger lately cos had a lot going on with comp prep etc. So if you don't already know I competed in my first bodybuilding comp on Sunday in Birmingham at the Midlands qualifier where I placed 3rd. Very happy and got a British invite so firmly focused on improving and smashing that.

Will be lean bulking for four months now before I start prep again in March. I'm going to log my prep for the Finals on here including food,training and gear usage. Could be interesting or could be boring as sh1t haha

Anyway have a good day mofos



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4 hours ago, MjSingh92 said:

how much tren you use? what was your cutting cycle for the show?

Well done btw, looked epic!

 Gear was Sigma Rip 200 @ 6.6ml a week and Sigma Winny @100mg a day. With Balkan Clen @160mcg Alpha Pharma t3 @50 a day

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