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Dark moles on mt2.

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Hi I have been using mt2 for 3 months and now just using a cruise does of 1mg a week. My question is I have about 10 small dark moles,is this common? I have a fair skin type but do go brown. Will these moles go away with stopping usage and are they something to worry about and go to the gp? thanks 

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I did a little bit of research before in asked like a few people said it was common did yours go away when you stopped using mt2? 

12 hours ago, kelvinseal said:

It's common mate 


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i had a few dark moles too, and plenty on my face.

most of them are gone or faded a lot.

after a few months of not tanning or using MT2, my moles pretty much went back to normal and the ones which i got from MT2 actually disappeared - at least most of them.


moles are pretty common, so dont worry.

Once you stop you have a good chance that they will disappear.



the moles are the reason i dont use MT2 anymore, and the fact that my head/face is always much darker than the rest of my body.

+ the nausea was killing me every time i jab.


I get a pretty good dark tone without MT2.

MT2 made myself so dark, people were asking me if its fake spray tan lol.

only good thing about MT2 is, i had to hit the solarium like once every 4-5 weeks for 20 mins and im tanned like some carribean dudes.

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