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Please help me choose my 2nd show- pics attached

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I did my first show in 2014, Nabba NE first timers...I didn't place unfortunately but been told by some they would have put me about 8th of the 23. My posing was cr@p too, but I've learned a lot.

Had a lay off due to serious injury and now I'm aiming to put on as much decent muscle  as I can by the end of year with the aim of my 2nd show next year.


just wondered if anyone could suggest, given my stats I should go for.


currently: 34 years old, 5'5" 194lb, current condition in pic.


cant decide what I'd be best suited to

Nabba Novice

ukbff intermediate u80

ukbff beginner

(think I might be a centimetre too tall for nabba class 4)

Anyone offer any input as to what my physique (given stats) would suit? (I was about 12st 4 in the comp pics. Other pic was taken this morning.


Any advice much appreciated!

@pscarb i think I may have asked you this before but can't find the conversation








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