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Pulled gooch lol

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7 minutes ago, Ultrasonic said:

Why make up a word when a perfectly good one already exists? Perineum.

You can do pelvic floor exercises to strengthen this area but there may be more to this, and this isn't something I've heard of before.


Gooch is a well known word for said area

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Quad I have had this problem for going on five years now. It’s kind of an everyday thing, I even got checked out for it. I pulled mine pole vaulting while in school because my coach did not stress stretching before jumping. Well it’s cost me, I’m able to work out and run still but sometimes it can cause extreme pain and discomfort. I don’t know if yours has gone away but mines only gotten a bit better over time. It use to be an everyday pain and now it’s only when I workout hard or even stress a bit for some reason. 

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