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The Last Time

Beef Medallion Steaks - Stir Fry

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I'm sure you've all seen these beef medallion steaks in supermarkets. They are usually pretty cheap but not the nicest of cuts. 

They have very little fat on them and appear very lean, they are just a poor cut and very chewy. 

Tonight I was shopping and the rump steaks looked piss poor, the fillets were fatty and overpriced so I got 2 of these beef medallion steaks with a new recipe idea in mind - stir fry.

I sliced the 300g of beef very thinly and added it to a wok with some 1 kcal spray and soy sauce. When the beef was browned I added a packet of crunchy vegetable stir fry mix, mainly peppers, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, cabbage etc. Then I added a packet of Aldis Chow Mein sauce (126 calories per packet), and finally when it was all cooked I added a packet of Aldis straight to wok noodles (233 calories per packet).

This was bloody lovely and I would really reccomend it as a way of utilising a cheaper cut of meat.

The meal came to 1003 calories, it would easily serve 2 but I'm intermittent fasting so smashed the lot...







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