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The doog

Egg white Pizza

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Just whipped this up and pretty pleased with it. Made a quick and easy breakfast.

Hand full of extra lean beef mince (60-70g at a guess.

1 cup liquid egg whites

1/4 pot Dolmio light Tomato and Basil sauce 

1/4 cup Mozzarella (about 25g ish)

Hand full of fresh spinach. 

Few sprays of frylight and some Italian/mederteranian seasoning.

How to do it. heat pan and frylight. Cook off mince with some black pepper. Add in dolmio sauce and spinach. Sizzle for a couple of mins then add the liquid egg white and seasoning. Give it a stir about and allow the base to set. Spread the mozzarella over the top and chopped basil. Transfer to under the grill and let the mozzarella melt and brown.

Protein is 45-50g

Carbs 10g

Fat 10g

You can add more Dolmio sauce on top with the mozzarella if you like, or switch whole eggs for some egg white if want more fat. Some onion at the frying stage etc etc

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Yeah it's a basically a pizza styled/tasting omelette. 

Its nice though so thought I'd share. 

You could always buy some frozen pizza base and make it into a actually mini-pizza. 

Using northern dough co frozen pizza base. 55g worth (1/4 block) and the same ingredients. 

50g protein

35g carbs

12g fat

You'd obviously just do the whole thing in the oven rather than pan. Might want to add more sauce as well.

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