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Thoughts on APS Mesomorph?

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13 minutes ago, nbfootball65 said:

What is everyone's thoughts on APS Mesomorph? Honestly to me, I think it is the best pre workout, even better than the original Jack3d.  What do you guys think?

Hasn't it got dmaa in it? The only good thing about jack3d was the dmaa the rest was generic pwo ingredients.

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Hiya guys

Just wondering if anyone currently using Mesomorph could post a pic of  their supp. I have taken it 4times, up to a scoop and a half, with zero effect. Just trying to workout if perhaps my batch is dodgy  

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On 7. 8. 2016 at 6:16 PM, Bear89 said:

Whats delivery time for this? Is it shipped from uk or usa?


Can vouch for what @faipdeooiad wrote. Shipping was super fast from the US ( destination central Europe), fortunatelly no customs' bul**** around with tax etc. I also noticed that on the box was that it has only 2 point something $ worth of value, that makes it not interesting for the customs I guess, good play :).

Will be trying it tomorrow or Friday. Don't know which flavor to choose as the second tub I'm giving away to my friend. Tutti frutti or Rocket pop?? :D


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