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Flexibility training for muay thai

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Hello everyone, just a quick question. does anyone have any good stretching routines to improve flexibility?

I have been training for a few years but been out the last 10 month with injury, and I have never been as flexible as the others in the class. strugle to throw a head kick.


Any advice on how to improve?


Cheers in advance

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Just on my way to work, I'll add to this later but for now, Google "PNF Stretching" - You really need a partner to help you do it, but the general principle is you take for example the hamstrings, you bend your leg up until the point of bind and hold for 30 seconds, then you resist isometrically for 10 seconds, relax and breath in, then exhale and your partner will push further to the new point of bind.

You should only be statically stretching or doing PNF at the end of a session when you're fully warmed, but you will make really good gains in flexability if you do it every day. Generally you will do 3 X cycles of the above on each leg. There are PNF stretches for most muscle groups, have a quick google.

Cheers for tagging me 12 gauge - Always happy to help with any questions Combat Sports / Martial Arts or Sports Therapy related!

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