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Hello everyone, we used to post and advertise here long ago and have now returned. It's nice to see some familiar names are still around so hope to catch up with some of them in the coming months.

For those who don't know us, we've been manufacturing supplements since 1999 and are the importers of Gorilla Wear, Brachial Bodybuilding Clothing, Isobags and we were importing 6 Pack Bags but have now stopped, even though we still have a load of their bags!

All our nutrition is IOC/WADA testing safe, vegetarian/Halal/Kosher approved (except Reload due to an ingredient being extracted from source with ethanol) and manufactured in our own factory in Wiltshire.

There is an extra discount available to all UKM members of 20% with the discount code "UKM20" at www.extremenutrition.co.uk,



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Hey guys, long time no see lol, been a while since it been on the forum but me and dougy black from extreme will be sharing and helping with any of the extreme nutrition products. Look forward to catching up with everyone.

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