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Best pre workout

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On 14/09/2015 at 1:57 PM, Falc76 said:

I've tried loads of pre workouts I'd say a good dozen or so even doubling the recommended amount nowt nada jack shiz happened sometimes a little tingle on the ears that's about it any recommendations? Please don't say have a brew of coffee I would rather vomit in a cup than drink coffee [emoji23]

Try 3 times the dose or even 4 if you have to. This is what works for me. In between pre workouts have no caffeine what's so ever including fizzy pop that contains it 

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I bought myself a small 7 servings pouch of 1.M.R. Vortex by BPI  recently. Haven't had any a pwo last 1.5 years, just coffee sometimes. On my first day I took 1 scoop with about 26g of whey iso. and didn't really feel much. Next day I took 2 scoops first thing on empty stomach in the morning and  I was off my tits. My face was blushing, there was a hell inside of my head. Unfortunately it didn't help me to lift heavier or squeezed any more reps. Actually, I had to drop weight at  almost every exercise by a few kilos -yeah I felt huge rush but that was it.  It made me sweat like a pig as well.  It tastes nice(fruit punch), mixes well and seems to be light on stomach too.

I've tried many pwo's in the past 10 years, only liked a few of them - original version of Halo by Muscletech , Superpump by Gaspari and Anadraulic Gt by Lg Sciences- that was awesome. 

Just bought tube of Unstoppable by Dedicated Nutrition. Got high hopes for it. Will review this one later as well.

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