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I broke my chest - Any idea what I've done?

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I had a few months lay off from training until January due to a little op.

Went back to the gym and did some light chest work - The day after my chest was still really tight.

Tried to stretch it out but to no avail.

After three days from the workout both my pecs were really swollen and tender to flex/move/stretch. Funny thing was I've never seen either of them as big as that before.

Another 2 or three days later the swelling went slowly, my chest was still very tight and had to do a lot of stretching.

So around 3 weeks since that workout I did another. But my chest wasn't working, I couldn't get a pump and it felt like my pecs couldn't remember how to contract. I couldn't even do 32kg db on flat bench as there was literally not power coming from my chest.

I've done some really light stuff since to get some blood in there but it still feels as if it's 30% of what it use to be.

Any ideas?

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