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Protein, Peanut butter and banana smoothie

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I have a recipe that i've just come up with and it is absolutely amazing! Nothing gordon ramsay or anything, just simple but nice :) Great for a post workout shake, its got decent well balance macros whether your cutting or bulking. If you are bulking then you can just double the ingredients but i am cutting at the minute so this is what the ingredients are :

Banana - 75g

peanut butter - 10g (i used smooth but it doesn't really matter)

Protein powder - 70g ( I used vanilla 'Milk, egg and whey'

Granola - 15g

6 ice cubes

200ml of water or milk.

Just put all your ingredients into a blender and give it about 1-2minutes depending on how smooth you want it.



Calories: 390

Carbs: 48g

Fat: 5g

Protein: 27g

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good on a bulk!

... on a cut that would fill me up for about 30 minutes

I know its not the most filling aha, but you'll be surprised :) Thats why i said if your bulking then you can double the ingredients.. Plus, its not a meal, its just a quick snack basically so quite high caloric content considering i could have this with a main meal, it all adds up!

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