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Pectoral tendon rupture - recovery time?

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About a week ago my training partner injured his chest while benching. There was an audible twang followed by swelling and bruising. The muscle on the side that went is now pulled into the centre of his chest.

He's been for an ultrasound scan, and the doctor reckons its a tendon rupture from the humerus which will require surgery to re attach. He's having an MRI scan to make sure its not torn on the muscle as well.

Assuming its just the tendon rupture at the humerus, does anyone have any experience with how long the recovery will take to get back to normal movements, and how long to get back to weight training?

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Hello mate

I tore my pec from under my arm pit. Had MRI scans ect they say is considerably torn but it's still attached. How much is there we don't know. When I tense it it looks deformed but doesn't really bother me. The surgeon said he will repair it but it's s complicated repair as the stitching won't work from tendon to muscle so he's hoping its tendon to tendon. That's me no training and months off work if he attaches it. Each day I do feel better and I recon I could recover. My issue is how much is is left attached. I'm not sure to leave it and just train smarter and hope I can still train if I don't get it done. The risk is he said if it doesn't work and he stitched muscle to tendon it will tear again.


What at do you think ? You had this situation what have you done ? 



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