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Hello Gang.

Been having this for lunch or dinner for the past few days, its real nice.

1 Packet of Smash - Cheese & Onion Flavour (107g)

568ml (pint) boiling water

1 Large Tin of Tuna (400g i think they are)

50g Low Fat Cheese (grated)

Tabasco Sauce


1. Pour the smash powder into a large bowl, and add pint of boiling water.

2. Mix the goop together until its as smooth as robdogs head.

3. Add in the tuna and cheese

4. Mix well.

5. Add in Tobasco Sauce and Pepper

6. Mix again

7. Enjoy.

Its really easy to get down, especially if your not really that hungry and know you have to eat.

Would be good on cycle too when suffering from loss of appetite.

Works out around

Carbs: 80g

Protien: 90g

Fats: 10g

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that sounds really nice will have to give it a go!!! but i will be with proper pots that been mashed. the reason for that is coz i dont like having instant mash....

i work for a chip factory that also makes the potato flake for instant mash, and it is made from all the bad bits of the potatoes that are not good enough to be used as chips, as such like the black bits that taste really earthy.

just thought i would let u all in on that little bit of info on the instant mash

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