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big vin

possible pec tear

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Hi guys has anyone experienced the following kind of injury;

I was doing decline bench press i stretched and warmed up properly using just the bar to start and progressed adding weight to the bar, i was on my final set with two and a half plates each side , i took the weight of the stand with aid of a spotter as i lowered the bar down i felt this intense pain and then i felt a tearing sensation across my outer chest my spotter heard me shout in pain and took the bar straight off me back to the rack.

I looked in the mirror to see if there was any visible damage it looked fine pain was moderate and i could move my arm with a bit of pain . I went straight home and iced it .Next day bruising has appeared just under my armpit and above and also a bit of my bicep is bruised. I went to the doctors who has told me to come back in a week when it has settled to look at it further then . I have been icing it daily its five days now since injury and bruising has got a bit worse but still in the same place but also there is now bruising to the side of my chest where my ribs are , i dont feel tht much pain at rest but slight pain when i extend my arm and stretch my chest.

Does anybody have any idea what i might have done ?


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Hello mate

I tore my pec from under my arm pit. Had MRI scans ect they say is considerably torn but it's still attached. How much is there we don't know. When I tense it it looks deformed but doesn't really bother me. The surgeon said he will repair it but it's s complicated repair as the stitching won't work from tendon to muscle so he's hoping its tendon to tendon. That's me no training and months off work if he attaches it. Each day I do feel better and I recon I could recover. My issue is how much is is left attached. I'm not sure to leave it and just train smarter and hope I can still train if I don't get it done. The risk is he said if it doesn't work and he stitched muscle to tendon it will tear again.


What at do you think ? You had this situation what have you done ? 



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I partially tore my peck around 4 months ago. The bruising will be very visible by the 3rd day my chest and bicep went purple. It's only just got to the point where I can train properly again, although I have to go very light. They decided operating would possibly make recovery a longer process than allowing it to heal naturally. Although like the post above I have also been with a visible lump below the arm pit. It's a long process and very frustrating so bare with it. I started again with light cable assisted exercises then moved on from there. 

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