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Well that was a busy weekend... :rolleyes:

Thank you to all those members who helped by reporting the wave of vitriolic bile that was being spewed across our forum.

Your loyalty to the board is appreciated and never taken for granted, as I've said before, a forum is nothing without it's members. Thank you also to the Mod team who went above and beyond in cleaning it up and banning the necessary accounts.

As a member of this site I think you are entitled to an explanation. I'm posting this to clarify a couple of points and answer some of the questions which have been raised. First and foremost, UK-M isn't a shady back alley club rife with underhand dealings. That notion is quite simply ridiculous. Of all the other forums that have cropped up in recent years, we are arguably one of the most transparent. I have always been honest with members and, where questions have been asked, I've given answers.

For anyone that isn't aware. Yes, this site is a business. It costs a surprising amount of money to keep UK-M online and that money comes from advertising revenue. The site is managed by a UK Limited company that I set-up in order to manage the advertising revenue separately from my own or other business accounts. We file annual accounts and we pay our fair share of Corporation Tax. Everything is out in the open and our full company details are freely available in the public domain.

I joined this site 11 years ago and throughout that time legitimate fair debate and, fair reviews of companies and their products has never been censored. On occasion a suspicious 'review' may have been removed but only if we had reason to believe that it was posted by an employee of a rival company. If negative feedback does get posted then we actively encourage the advertiser concerned to address it publicly.

As a publisher of information, we cannot allow libellous or defamatory comments to be posted towards any individual or company. That's not us sweeping things under the carpet, that's us abiding by the law. This applies to all UK forums. People joining other boards thinking "you can say what you want" are going to be disappointed. That policy will change the day the first Solicitors letter arrives on the owners doorstep.

In terms of the accusations being made, I take these very seriously and have pre-emptively blocked a user account on this board until I have more information. If there is genuinely any form of wrongdoing then in time I'm sure it will come to light. Personally I think things have simply been over dramatised by people with a vendetta against this forum.

The hypocrisy of some of the things being posted is truly astounding. What these guys need to remember is that this site has a very comprehensive backup policy. Every PM they have ever sent or received is going to be archived and accessible by restoring one of the retention points. If there is any truth to what's being said and it gets escalated then we will of course cooperate fully with the law. However, I cannot help but feel that in that instance some of the people making these accusations may find themselves worse off because of it.

You may draw your own conclusions from this, but incidentally, we are not the ones maliciously posting defamatory comments using anonymous email accounts. If we are in the wrong, why are the people shouting the loudest going to such great lengths to hide their identities.

I hope that this post ties up some of the loose threads. As of now, we're hoping to draw a line under the recent unpleasantness and focus on moving UK-M forward in a positive direction.

We have some great things planned for the coming months and I look forward to sharing them with you. The first of which will be a new Moderator announcement later today...

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The plot thickens.

To be fair I haven't got a clue what's been going on lately on here and don't really care either, all I've noticed is loads of people getting banned, life goes on though so I won't lose any sleep over it.


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I actually decided to leave because I was fed up people asking for advice and being mocked instead. I was particularly annoyed when [MENTION=14914]DrRinse[/MENTION] opened up about his personal situation asking for help and was ripped apart by other members as well as another thread that I found personally offensive.

Had a change of heart and decided to come back on but holy cow!

Was thinking it was just me being sensitive about how people were making jokes about other rather than offering help and advice but I'm surprised to see I wasn't alone.

I like a bit of humour but at times I felt the comments were verging on bullying when it was people talking about sensitive stuff.

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